Environmental awareness through art: "Fanfibios" drawing contest

As part of the “Primer Festival de la Abuelita Tierra” of first grandmother earth´s festival, elementary school students participated in the “Fanfibios” drawing contest.

There were 150 drawings in the contest; all showing creativity and artistic skills, as well as environmental awareness since amphibians are an important part of the ecological balance by controlling harmful insect infestations.

Our students participated with outstanding results:

In the 6 to 8 year old category: 

  • Layla Mia Oropeza - 1st place  
  • Silvana Gasque - 2nd place  
  • Pamela Ramírez Escalante - 3rd place  
  • María José Vázquez - honorific mention  
  • Almudena Briceño - honorific mention  

In the 9 to 12 year old category:  

  • Sofía Victoria Rojas - 1st place  
  • Isabella Altamirano Pinzón - 3rd place  
  • Lua Natalia Borge - honorific mention  
  • Alejandrina Siqueff - honorific mention 

The panel of judges was integrated by biologist Julián Escalante and the visual artists Reynaldo Bolio and Noé Ravel.

Fuente: Cumbres International School Mérida