Semper Altius Curriculum

Our Curriculum, formerly called Sunrise, is developed by specialists based on research of and best practices in educational centers around the world. A group of specialists in curriculum, and experts in education develop, train, implement, assess, and update the curriculum regularly. The curriculum is designed to develop ten competencies based on the skills needed for the 21st century skills, in at least two languages. The curriculum is also based on the Educational Model of the Regnum Christi schools, which is the philosophical and anthropologic basis for our Catholic educational model. It ensures the framework for the Catholic identity of our school. Our Semper Altius Curriculum includes the following resources:


The Focus establishes the pedagogical basis for each school level: Preschool Focus, Elementary School Focus, Secondary School Focus, Preparatory School Focus).


The Practicum establishes the curricular model, scope, sequence and learning objectives. There is one practicum for each grade level (from preschool to the last grade of elementary school, and one practicum for each grade subject in grades 7 to 12).

Evaluation model

There is a documented and well-defined model of evaluation for each school section: Preschool, Elementary, Secondary and Preparatory school.

Strategies catalog

There is a catalog of strategies that are recommended for the implementation of the curriculum. School administrators and teachers select those that find most appropriate for teaching and learning.