El Salvador’s National Symbols - Highlands International School San Salvador

For the past weeks, our second-grade students have been working on a project called El Salvador’s National Symbols. This project included various subjects that the students have been studying since the beginning of the school year. In Spanish class, they worked in groups to find information about the different National Symbols.

They also answered a questionnaire, which helped them understand the importance of each national symbol. In their science class, the students were studying how to recycle waste. After understanding the process, we decided that each group would build a National Symbol made out of recycled materials that each student brought from home. Teaching the students how to recycle helps them understand the importance of the earth as our home and teaches them respect for natural resources. Students were also learning about the four types of sentences in their English class.

This helped students write sentences about their National Symbol for the final presentation. Students had to make sure spelling and grammar were correct before presenting them. Finally, in math, students classified the data from the materials used to make tables, answer math problems, and make a bar graph to explain the materials they used in their national symbol. Last Friday, September 24th, Second Grade students had the pleasure of presenting their projects in English and Spanish to First graders and Preschoolers. It was a great learning experience! By 2nd grade teachers.

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