Games for Learning: Dr. Atl's Volcanoes Mini Museum- Cumbres International School Aguascalientes

The 7th grade students that participated in this International forum built an interactive museum and a volcano. They applied the knowledge seen in Arts and Pinion such as watercoloring, sketching, measuring, STEAM room machinery and flowcharts. They learned about the mexican artist Dr. Atl and the cultural impact of his work after the Mexican Revolution. They also learned about Dr. Atl's pupils who are, now a day, worldwide-known muralists.

The students used the laser cut machine, the 3D printer, makey-makey technology to record their voices and welded a circuit to light the mini-museum. They created a plane model with a functioning engine to simulate Dr. Atl's flight over the volcanoes.

They also developed skills such as welding, cutting, assembling, measuring, organizing, coordinating and executing a professional  project with the help of their teachers.

During the presentation, they gained confidence and spoke fluently in English before an International audience

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