"Mundialito Andes" Transversal Project

After two months of cooperative work, students of 5th and 6th grade of Andes Tuxtla presented their project, they showed to the principal, coordinators, teachers and parents what they've learned.

The project was based on the big question: What are the consequences of organizing a soccer World Cup? To answer this question, our students worked transversally indifferent subjects such as: Spanish, English, Physical Education, Technology and Catholic education classes.

During the development of this transversal project as a first moment our students enjoyed researching and making a description of 2 countries participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup including characteristics such as: Name of the country, abbreviation used in the world cup, group in which it will participate, capital, continent where it is located, language, currency, type of government and its leader, famous places, gastronomy, typical costume, best players and mascot of the world cup.

In the second part, the children answered specific questions about the Qatar 2022 World Cup in relation to the rules and behaviors for visitors to Qatar, differences between Islam and Catholicism, distance and means of transportation from Mexico to Qatar (time and currency changes), the characteristics that a country must have to promote itself as a host country, among others.


During this time, we enjoyed the Andes World Cup matches with teams made up of students from both grades, generating a great atmosphere of friendship, union and partnership among the grades and ending with the awarding of the trophy to the winning team.


Therefore, through cooperative, active and reflective methodologies and the support of their teachers, our students were the protagonists of their own learning.

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